If You Are Facing DUI Charges, Call Me

A drinking and driving conviction can seriously impact your life, even if you previously had a clean record. South Carolina's DUI laws are complicated and contain severe penalties. To give yourself a chance at a fair resolution, you need a DUI defense attorney who knows how to use the law and the evidence to fight to get the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Call the Myrtle Beach office of Stampfle Law Firm as soon as possible. I am attorney Ryan Stampfle, and since 2002 I have defended clients throughout the Myrtle Beach area, including students at Coastal Carolina University.

Your Legal Options After A DUI Arrest

After an arrest for DUI or drinking with unlawful alcohol concentration (DUAC), it may seem like your only option is to plead guilty. However, the evidence against you is not necessarily as strong as the police and prosecutors claim. For example, in South Carolina law enforcement uses a breath test device called the Datamaster to measure a DUI suspect's blood alcohol level. These machines are notorious for producing inaccurate results, and as an experienced DUI defense lawyer, I know the signs of a test result that can be successfully challenged in court.

Why Stampfle Law Firm?

As your attorney, I will make sure your rights are never violated during the resolution of your case. I will work to help you avoid jail time, and may be able to help you get your car and your driver's license back sooner.

Call Me Immediately After Getting Arrested

Do not try to deal with DUI charges by yourself. Instead, contact me for vigorous criminal defense advocacy and reliable, no-nonsense advice. My office phone number is 843-353-6152. You can also reach me via this website's Contact page.