Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse

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There is a social connection to the increased phenomena of nursing home negligence and abuse. As the American population ages, more families depend on nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to care for elder and disabled loved ones.

With less control over facility environments, families must trust the owners and staff of these care facilities. But who is overseeing the nursing homes, and who can help when they are negligent or commit abuse?

At our personal injury and nursing home negligence law firm in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we help families whose trust in nursing homes has been betrayed. Firm attorney Ryan Stampfle's background regarding nursing home injuries is unique;

  • Mr. Stampfle is a former nurse
  • Mr. Stampfle has worked as a nurse in nursing homes
  • Mr. Stampfle has handled nursing home negligence and abuse cases

Has your loved one been injured or abused in a nursing home? Call nursing home injury attorney and former nurse Ryan Stampfle of Stampfle Law Firm at 843-353-6152.

As a nursing home nurse, attorney Ryan Stampfle ensured that facility residents received the care they needed. If you suspect your loved one has been abused or has received inadequate care, we can immediately begin to knowledgeable investigate your case.

Do you suspect nursing home staff has failed to:

  • Follow a doctor's orders?
  • Monitor your loved one's whereabouts?
  • Provide basic care?

We are skilled and knowledgeable in handling cases involving negligence, including bed and pressure sores, as well as injuries resulting from sexual assault, battery, confinement, and physical verbal, and emotional abuse. Contact us for a free initial consultation regarding any nursing home injuries, from broken bones and pressure ulcers to wrongful death.

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If you have questions regarding nursing home negligence and abuse, contact our firm. We work on a contingency fee basis — which means that we don’t get paid unless we recover on your behalf. We also work with Spanish interpretation services as needed and are conveniently located in downtown Myrtle Beach. To contact us, call 843-353-6152.