Know The Five Steps To Take After A DUI

Getting charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence can be a scary and intimidating experience. You may be uncertain about what happens next.

Here are some things you should know. For more answers or answers to your questions about your specific case, call me, Attorney Ryan Stampfle. With over 15 years of defense representation Myrtle Beach, I can help. Call 843-353-6152 to schedule a free consultation.

In South Carolina, we have a three-tiered DUI penalty structure that dictates the course of action.

The Five Steps To Take After A DUI Arrest

1. Know the charges. You need to know exactly what the charges are. Were you charged with a simple DUI or were you charged with other crimes such as reckless driving or speeding? Do you have any warrants out? If you are unsure of the charges consult with an attorney. You need to be fully informed before you go to court.

2. Know where and when you need to appear in court. This is important. The information should be on the front of your ticket. Failure to appear is almost always an automatic conviction.

3. Get your car from the impound lot. Bring two people with you so that one can drive your car home. Call the impound lot before you arrive to locate your car and find out what you need to bring with you to get your car released. Every day you leave your car is money out of your pocket.

4. If your license has been suspended you may be able to apply for an implied consent hearing. This must be done within 30 days. Do not drive on a suspended license. Instead, apply for a temporary alcohol license.

5. Do not leave the state until after your court date and after you have been told you are free to go by the judge or your attorney. Do not plead guilty, even to a lesser charge, without fully understanding the charges and ramifications. An attorney can guide you through this process and ensure you are making the best decisions given your specific circumstances.

How An Attorney Can Help

As your attorney I will help you prepare for your first court date, work to obtain a license to drive for you, and if you need to leave the state for work, family or are a tourist, I will ensure that you have what you need for bond and permission to leave by the court when required.

Save Time, Money And Minimize Your Fear

Working with an attorney can save you time, travel expenses and, in the end may help lessen the charges and minimize the damage to your record. As your attorney, I will explain what the long-term affect of any plea are and what costs and issues you might have ahead. If you are unsure of the cost for my representation or want to know more about how I can help, give me, Ryan Stampfle, a call at Stampfle Law Firm and we can discuss your case. Call 843-353-6152 to schedule a free consultation or email me.