What Are the Penalties For DUI?

An arrest can affect your reputation, your job and your personal relationships, but for most people, the scariest part of getting charged with drinking and driving is the chance they might have to go to jail. My firm, Stampfle Law Firm, is ready to fight for your freedom. I have served as a DUI defense attorney since 2002 and have helped hundreds of clients throughout Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

DUI Penalties In South Carolina Explained

In South Carolina, you can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving with unlawful alcohol concentration (DUAC). The differences between these crimes are minor, and potential DUI and DUAC penalties are virtually the same. To summarize:

  • If you are convicted of driving with blood alcohol content (BAC) level at .08 or above but less than .10, you could face a jail sentence of between 48 hours to 30 days, plus fees and assessments.
  • If you are convicted of DUI or DUAC with a BAC between .10 and .16, the penalties go up to at least 72 hours in jail, with a maximum of 30 days, plus fees and assessments.
  • A DUI or DUAC conviction involving a BAC of .16 or greater can lead to a jail term of 30-90 days, along with fines and assessments.

Besides these penalties, you will probably face having your driver's license revoked and could also be forced to surrender your vehicle to the authorities. To minimize the possibility of severe punishment, you need a skilled defense lawyer. I am an experienced negotiator, but I am always prepared to take your case to trial, if need be.

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