Visitation Rights

Creating a fair, stable and workable child custody plan is one of the most important things parents can do for their children during divorce. No parent wants his or her child to suffer emotional trauma because the child's parents are no longer living together. In some situations, parents share custody, but other times one parent receives sole custody. As your family law representation, Stampfle Law Firm will help you stand up for your parental rights, including the right to visitation time.

Visitation rights guarantee your ability to spend time with your children on a regular basis when the other parent retains sole child custody. This is a vital right that is a top priority for most parents during a divorce or legal separation, or in any situation where the parents do not cohabitate. From my office in Myrtle Beach, I have been helping South Carolina parents defend their right to be in their children's lives since 2002.

A Visitation Rights Attorney Who Understands The Stakes

As an experienced lawyer, I understand how anguishing it can be to face the possible loss of the right to be with your children. In many cases, it is possible to negotiate a fair child custody plan with your co-parent. I have reached settlements in numerous custody disputes that balance the child's best interests with each parent's needs and legal rights. And when an out-of-court settlement is impossible, I will use the evidence to create a compelling argument in your favor to present to the court.

Protecting Your Rights Starts With A Phone Call

If your visitation rights are at stake, or you need to protect your kids from a dangerous or unstable parent, there is no time to waste. Call my office at 843-353-6152, or email me, to schedule an appointment.