Personal Injury

After suffering a severe personal injury, you may at first be grateful just to be alive. But soon enough, the reality of your situation sets in. Depending on the nature and extent of your injuries, you may be in tremendous pain. You may be disabled, possibly for the rest of your life. At the same time, your ongoing medical and rehabilitation bills may be overwhelming you, just when you cannot work.

When someone else is responsible for your pain and suffering, it is only right that he or she should have to compensate you. At Stampfle Law Firm, I have been helping personal injury victims get fair compensation since 2002. I serve the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, metro area with experienced legal support, and have gotten fair settlements and judgments for hundreds of clients.

A Personal Injury Firm With A Personal Touch

Just about any situation can turn into a disaster, if someone is acting without regard for your safety. Contact me for sound legal advice related to the following:

As your personal injury attorney, I will go over your case with you and help you understand your options. I will weigh the evidence and identify who is responsible for your injuries. I will be your advocate at the settlement table and in court, giving you the chance to make your case for the financial compensation you need.

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