Wrongful Death

No matter the circumstances, the loss of a parent, spouse or child is understandably devastating. But perhaps nothing is more heartbreaking than the death of a loved one because of someone else's carelessness or outright disregard for your relative's health and safety.

Nothing can bring back your family member, but it is possible to hold the individuals or businesses that caused the death legally accountable. My law office, Stampfle Law Firm, provides experienced and effective legal representation in wrongful death litigation. I am located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

A Skilled Wrongful Death Attorney For Myrtle Beach Families

In a wrongful death lawsuit, a relative of the victim, usually a spouse, parent or child, stands in for the deceased and files suit on his or her behalf. In this way, you can fight for justice for your loved one, and obtain compensation for medical bills, funeral costs, lost future wages and other costs. The responsible party need not have caused your relative's death on purpose to be liable for wrongful death.

Having practiced personal injury law since 2002, I understand how anguishing it can be to relive the circumstances of your family member's death. As your attorney, I will treat your case with the sensitivity and respect it deserves.

How I Can Help After A Wrongful Death Accident

As a lawyer with more than a decade of experience in wrongful death litigation, I will use the evidence to identify who caused the death and work with you to reach a satisfactory outcome. I am equally adept in negotiating a fair settlement and making a compelling case for you before the court. I will handle every stage of your case personally, and I will not stop until you have reached an acceptable result.

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