Three Things To Never Do If You Are Injured

Hiding an injury that you suffer at works helps no one. It does not matter how the injury happened. It does not matter if you are partially or wholly at fault. It does not matter what your immigration status is. If you are injured at work you are entitled to workers' compensation. Here are three things to avoid in order to ensure you protect yourself and others.

1. Never Wait To Report An Injury

You may think you did something wrong and that if you had just been more careful you would not have been injured. Maybe you hope that if you say nothing then no one will notice and your injury will just heal up on its own. But truth of the matter is you need to report your injury in order for help to happen. Your employer can deny you help if you wait too long.

  • If you wait too long your employer may say the injury did not happen at work. You could also be reprimanded for not reporting it. If you are injured at work, report it right away. NEVER wait more than 24 hours. Even if you simply wrench your back, twist your knee, get a small cut or burn. Reporting the injury right away protects your rights to medical treatment and compensation.

2. Never "Wait And See"

Do not take a "wait and see" approach. Not to an injury and not to an unsafe condition at work. Especially if you have suffered a head injury or deep wound you cannot wait to see if you get better on your own. By waiting even a day you risk even more damage and infection. Not reporting an injury puts your coworkers also at risk to suffer the same or a similar injury.

3. Never Agree To Do Work That Is Obviously Unsafe

When it comes to South Carolina workplace safety you need to be able to make suggestions for improved safety. You are not powerless or alone.

  • Your health and safety are the two most important things, not the task at hand or even the company's bottom line. Never do a task where safety precautions have been ignored. If you see that there are enough safety measures in place you can refuse to do a task.

You Are Entitled To Compensation

When you work with a workers' compensation attorney you no longer have to fight for yourself. You will have a skilled lawyer who will work tirelessly to protect your rights and get you the care and compensation you are due.

Injured? Get A Free Consultation

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