What Construction Workers Need To Know

Our country, towns and neighborhoods need construction workers to build our homes, businesses and infrastructure. In fact, our country relies on the work you do, day after day, year after year. This is why your health and well being are important to us all.

"It's Just A Small Injury"

This is probably the biggest mistake construction workers make: Thinking that it is a small cut or that the hit to head was not a big deal. No one wants to be a complainer. However, reporting a cut right away ensures that you get the proper treatment. This may mean stitches or antibiotics. It may mean you get evaluated for a concussion. Not treating a concussion can mean permanent brain damage. Not properly disinfecting a wound, especially a puncture wound, can mean an infection or even tetanus. Cuts need to be stitched up within 6- 8 hours. If you see a coworker suffer an injury and he tells you that he is fine remember he may be in shock. Alert a supervisor.

Pain Is Not Part Of The Job

While construction work often requires physical strength and can cause temporary sore muscles, pain from an injury suffered on the job is not part of the job. Cuts, burns, puncture wounds and falls can all have serious, long term health effects. Even constant heavy lifting can cause a work-related injury including back issues, hernias and wrist and elbow injuries.

Paid Time Off To See A Doctor

In South Carolina if you are injured on the job your employer is required to pay for you to see a doctor. This includes the time you miss at work and the doctor visit and treatment costs.

The Myth Of Safety Incentives

Your health, well being and future are more important than an arbitrary safety goal. Having a lifetime of limited use of your hand or chronic pain is not worth it ignoring your pain. Report your injury right away. Small injuries often turn into major or long term injuries when untreated or aggravated.

In the end both you and your employer benefit from your prompt reporting of an injury. You get the help and medical attention you need and your employer gets a healthy, actively working employee and fewer medical costs in the end. This is why you need to report any "near misses" as well, before a near miss becomes a fatal hit.

Everyone Is Entitled To Compensation

As a former healthcare professional I understand how even a small injury can progress to something life-threatening. As an attorney since 2002, I also know how important it is to get your questions answered quickly and accurately. I offer injured construction workers a free, no-obligation initial consultation. No matter who you are or what your immigration status is. To schedule yours, call me Ryan Stampfle at 843-353-6152 or email me here. Serving Myrtle Beach and the surrounding communities.