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How to avoid DUIs on beach vacations

Myrtle Beach is a top beach vacation destination for many students, singles, couples and families. Not surprisingly, it is also a great spot to relax and let loose. The alcohol can flow, sometimes too much.

If you drive and receive a DUI charge, that could ruin your vacation and even many aspects of your life after you return home. For example, you may have to disclose a criminal conviction on job applications, which can lessen your chances of finding work that pays a good income. So, the question remains: How can you kick back on your beach vacation and avoid a DUI charge?

Having a child with ASD adds another layer to divorce stress

Sometimes, having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder will strengthen marriages. Sometimes the stress of dealing with ASD drives couples apart.

Divorce is a tough event for any family to go through, but for couples with an autistic child, the top priority is finding ways to help the child adjust.

Penalties of a DUI arrest in Myrtle Beach and what to do

If police stopped you on suspicion of driving under the influence in Myrtle Beach and then subsequently arrested you, this can be a trying time. Especially if you are a first-time offender, you may not know what next steps to take.

Excessive alcohol consumption in the popular tourist destination of Myrtle Beach is very common, and that means DUIs are an unfortunate side effect. If you have a DUI citation and are not sure what to do now, read on for some basic information to help you understand how to move forward.

Arrested during Spring Break at Myrtle Beach?

Spring Break is a classic college ritual where students want to let loose and have some fun. Sometimes, however, excessive drinking and partying can lead to an arrest. This can be an incredibly intimidating experience, especially if you are a first-time offender. 

Whether police caught you drinking underage or law enforcement officers arrested you on other charges, the important thing now is to understand your next steps and build an effective strategy for your defense and for moving forward. You may benefit from seeking out an attorney who works with college students in similar situations.

Tips for tourists to avoid shady hotels

Myrtle Beach is a popular destination for numerous tourists each year. In 2016, some estimates held that nearly 18 million tourists visited Myrtle Beach in the summer, and anyone planning on vacationing there can rightfully expect to have a great time.

However, people also need to do their due diligence to avoid an injury or something worse. There are many fantastic hotels in the area, but there are also many unreputable ones. Some hotels may even be hot spots for drug users and prostitutes. Each year, many tourists book rooms at such hotels because they do not know better. Here are some tips for staying safe and avoiding such a situation. 

When to pursue legal separation instead of divorce

When South Carolina couples decide they no longer wish to remain married, they typically obtain a divorce. Fortunately, those numbers continue to decline. A report from Fox Carolina shows the divorce rate in the state was 2.9 divorces out of every 1,000 couples in 2014 compared to the rate being at 3.1 in 2010.

Although most people's thoughts turn toward divorce when they no longer wish to live with a spouse, it is important to also consider a legal separation.This occurs when a couple no longer lives together but still maintains all the benefits of legal marriage. In actuality, there are some circumstances where a legal separation is actually preferable.

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